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Al Balagh Investments s.a.l

Al Balagh investments s.a.l represents the ultimate breakthrough in modern companies offering complete solutions and support for your projects. Through a network of international stakeholders and the credence of global banks, Al Balagh investments manages heavy industrial projects in all sectors from theory till delivery taking into consideration all aspects of the projects like hiring the best talents and dealing with the finest companies; all under the best scope of Time.

Novel Cars s.a.l

NOVEL CARS SAL has been appointed as Exclusive sub-distributor and agent in the Republic of Iraq of BRILLIANCE/ ZHONGHUA and JINBEI passenger and commercial vehicles 

Aswar Loubnan for Contracting s.a.l

Holding the name of a country known for its willpower, Aswar Loubnan for contracting was brought into being having one goal to achieve: setting new standards in the world of contracting... Being a company solely dedicated to contracting, makes Aswar Loubnan for contracting responsible for all the details related to the handled project. Aswar Loubnan for contracting handles the construction of small cities and villages, hospitals, clinics, mosques, shopping centers and recreational areas from blue print till delivery

La commerciale Establishment s.a.l

During the early years of its creation in 1980, La Commerciale Establishment managed to ascend the ladder of success to become a leading company in providing fast moving consumer goods to the Lebanese market, like: cosmetics, toiletries, detergents alcoholic drinks, packaged food products…

Aswar Loubnan for General Trading s.a.l

Aswar Loubnan for general trading is a company established to the purpose of handling your projects from A to Z in terms of providing the relevant material and machines. Aswar Loubnan for general trading recent achievements was processing the airport of Sulaimaniah with every single requirement, from heavy machinery like: high and low loaders, re-fullers, cement trucks… to the little details that make a project unique.

Aswar Off Shore s.a.l

Seeing the immense potentiality of the Kurdistani market, Aswar offshore s.a.l inaugurated its services based on the thorough research and orientation of Al Balagh group. Following its success in the Kurdistani market, Aswar offshore s.a.l expanded its services to reach the Middle East, accordingly handling distinguished projects

Crystal Travel Agency

Crystal Travel Agency is a full-service travel company. Our reputation for excellence is earned every day by providing the ultimate in value and personal attention. Crystal Travel Agency arranged Haj pilgrims From BASRAH To JEDDAH. It has a full-fledged Haj Section which provides a variety of services to the pilgrims during the annual Haj.

Pofatel Off Shore s.a.l

Owing it to the fact of opening markets on a worldwide level, the trading business has witnessed a remarkable interest thus a huge rise. Pofatel offshore managed to overcome the competition depending on the significant practical knowledge of Al Balagh group. Nowadays, Pofatel offshore s.a.l main concern is to trade regardless of the nature of the traded item. Mostly, Pofatel trades in electrical generators, water treatment filters… as well execute the project in the fastest scope of time

Sarchanar Paradise Sulaymania

Believing in the power of change and the ability of altering things toward better grounds, Sarchanar Paradise Sulaymaniya Corporation was established. The Sarchanar Paradise Sulaymaniya is a Kurdistan based corporation by Al Balagh group, which is constantly providing the company with the needed support and logistics.

Coolrite s.a.l

Coolrite was formed in 1991 by the purchase of the York company which was situated at Choweifat and moving it to new premises at Nahr El Mot. Initially it was a small concern dealing with ducted units from 24000 btu/hr to 120000 btu/hr. COOLRITE has now been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate by BVQ1, accredited by RAB (USA), UKAS (UK) and DAR ( Germany). This confirm that our High Quality Standards which prevailed in the past will now be enhanced by this new certificate

Cleanwatt Water Treatment

Cleanwatt water treatment is a prominent corporation seeking to provide the best outcome regarding the process of treating water. Water plants, tanks, filters, refineries are the main core for what Cleanwatt water treatment deal in. All known and appropriate technologies used by Cleanwatt water Treatment Corporation are proven to generate more health benefits than chemical procedures

Banak Ltd

Aiming to lessen the distance between countries and striving to open new markets towards foreign products, Banak ltd was established. Banak ltd is a Russian corporation, which provides Russian products and goods to different markets across the world and especially to the Iraqi market.

Startec fzco

Based in Jabal Ali free zone, Startec is of UAE origin committed to introducing the highest standards in the services it presents. The services presented by Startec are nearly unlimited, covering the business from its different angles, and at the same time keeping its standards high. Startec fzco facilitates the trading of other companies to the Iraqi market, being the new promising market in the area, not restricting itself to certain goods

CAJ Ltd s.a.l

Committed to delivering unrivaled solutions in terms of architectural design, CAJ ltd s.a.l is at present a major company in providing the perfect design for the required target. CAJ ltd s.a.l is totally devoted to being constantly updated and in touch with the latest techniques in architectural design, thus applying them in their projects


We are a team of business professionals that understands technology and its execution. We form a consulting and managed services company on the foundation that information, and the technology that secures it, is essential to business. We are is focused on providing professional IT services that meet client requirements and budget needs.

Jaltrade s.a.l

JALTRADE S.A.L. is a multifaceted organization engaged in the Import and Export of commodities ranging from light engineering products, to heavy equipment and machinery, to food and raw material sector, to IT software and hardware, to telecommunication engineering, to health sector requirements, to water and electrical sector requirements. JALTRADE S.A.L. gathers harmoniously different businesses and represents more than a hundred producers from Europe, America, and the Middle East.

Duragrille Flame Retardant Product

Duragrille Flame Retardant Product" content="DURAGRILLE Plastic Grills, Registers & Diffusers. DURAGRILLE products cover a complete line of quality air movement products, dedicated to provide the best service for the HVAC market. Our products are perfectly convenient for apartments, offices, small and large industries, hospitals, hotels, sports halls and mini and super stores. unites are especially patterned to meet modern design requirements.